Twitter and Facebook Poll: What Did Your Parents Teach You About Money?

Posted on 03/04/2010

Did mom and dad teach you right when it comes to money? Or did you have to learn the hard way? For our latest Twitter and Facebook poll, we wanted to know what your parents taught you about money. Looks like some parents were great teachers while others were great examples of what not to do.


@sprimicerio: Credit cards get you in trouble. If you can't pay for it now don't charge it. My dad drilled that into my head.

@AphroChic: At 13 my mom had me start a bank account to save my babysitting money. I was responsible for making deposits & building my own savings.

@claresa: [I] was taught to try to save, but never how to be fiscally responsible. Think my parents were trying not to reveal their own issues.

@russelldunkin: Two things - consistently saving over time and credit cards are fine if paid off monthly.

@FrauKeuch: Never buy anything on credit except for a house or a car.


Jessica Anne Griffin: My mom taught me the art of cutting coupons! Now I LOVE getting deals and getting the Sunday paper, for coupons :-)

Marie Keller Ploof: My mom always said "Put more in your savings account than you do in your checking, you'll have some for a rainy day!" Never realized how much rain there would be! ;)

Jeannie Crofts: My mom made sure I never used a credit card if I couldn't immediately pay the bill in full. That stuck with me to this day! I never charge what I can't pay off. Since she instilled that in me, I literally don't have fun buying something I can't pay for. I feel too guilty.

Jennifer Storm Meredith: I think I may have missed the teaching part from my grandparents and now at [age] 35 and with a lot of debt I'm trying to learn this lesson myself; the more you make the more you spend and vice versa.

Brandi Buice Minter: My dad always taught me that you got to spend money to make money. He has always been awesome at taking a truck/motor home/car fixing it up and selling for a profit. So far, this motto has helped me in the college department. I spent tuition money to put myself in a career to make money. He also taught me that money is only money, sometimes you make some, sometimes you lose it, but never mind that you enter this world with nothing and you will take nothing (material) from this world, so don't worry about it! God will take care of you. So far my family and I have been blessed!

By Alison Storm

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