Sprucing Up Your Yard without Hiring a Gardener

Posted on 03/25/2010

Lou Erickson once said, “Gardening requires lots of water-- most of it in the form of perspiration.” Maybe that’s why so many homeowners consider hiring a gardener to work on their landscaping. But if a gardener isn’t in your budget, here are some easy ways to spruce up your yard.

Banish Weeds Are weeds the only thing that seems to flourish in your yard? Banish them with a natural and cheap pesticide. Believe it or not, vinegar will do the trick. Put it in a spray bottle and hit the weeds you want to kill. Just be careful not to get it on your grass or that will die too.

Add New Mulch
Applying new mulch can be a great way to spruce up your garden without doing a lot of work. Mulch restricts weeds, helps conserve water and adds a uniform look to your entire yard. Check with your municipality about getting free mulch—some cities offer it to residents.

Clip and Prune
Overgrown bushes and trees can make a yard look ignored. Prune bushes and clip away low-hanging tree branches. It’s an easy way to make a big impact on your yard.

Trim Edges
Ragged edges make your lawn look less manicured. Use a trimmer—borrow your neighbor’s if you have to—to clean up pathways and borders. This simple step will make your lawn look more like it’s professionally cared for.

Add Color
Planting flowers can be expensive and time consuming. Instead of filling your yard with them, throw in splashes of colors in flower pots. Pick up inexpensive terracotta pots at stores like Old Time Pottery, Wal-Mart or Garden Ridge. Place them by your home’s entryways, on a stairway or at start of a walkway. Your neighbors may just ask you who your gardener is.

By Alison Storm

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