Pet Deals: Save Money on Care for your Cat or Dog

Posted on 03/17/2010

Your four-legged family members provide companionship, entertainment and endless love. But all of those perks come with a price. If you’re looking for ways to save money on care for your cat and dog, check out these pet deals.

Free Treats - We all scream for ice cream—even Fido. Take your furry friend to Bruster’s Real Ice Cream for a free Doggy Sundae. You can also score free dog treats from Benny Bully’s by filling out a request form.

Free Vitamins - Did you know they make vitamin supplements for pets? Joint Oats 4 Dogs is a joint product made for senior, sport and working dogs. Right now you can try it for free, but because of demand you’ll have to wait six to eight weeks for it to arrive.

Free Food - There are lots of opportunities to score free food for your cat or dog. Request free dog or cat food from Flint River Ranch. Sign up for the Halo newsletter and you’ll get coupons for two free cans of food.

Food Coupons - The next best thing to free pet food is cheap pet food. Sign up for the Hill’s Science Diet 3-Bag Challenge at You’ll save $5 on your next three purchases of pet food. When you register you’ll also be entered in a sweepstakes for free pet food until 2015 and a $5,000 donation to the Hill’s partner shelter of your choice.

DIY Pet Treats - You can make your own pet treats at home with ingredients you may already have stocked in your kitchen. Check out cat treat recipes at And if you’ve got a dog, visit for lots of homemade treat recipes.

Low Cost Pet Immunizations - Cats and dogs need regular check-ups and shots. If your limited budget it preventing you from visiting the vet, look for low cost alternatives. Contact your local humane society or animal shelter for discounted immunizations and medication.

By Alison Storm

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