How to Have a Creative and Cheap Easter Egg Hunt

Posted on 03/18/2010

One of the most exciting Easter traditions for both kids and adults is the Easter egg hunt. There’s just something thrilling about searching for those colorful plastic eggs. We’ve got great ideas for having a creative and cheap Easter egg hunt. Now all you have to do is find good hiding places.

Make a Puzzle - Rather than search out lots of tiny treats small enough to fit inside each plastic egg, make a puzzle and stuff one piece in every egg. Once they’ve found all the pieces, they’ll assemble the puzzle and that can unveil their final surprise.

Try a Scavenger Hunt - For older Easter egg hunt participants, a scavenger hunt is a creative twist. Put a clue in each egg that reveals where the next egg is hidden. Make sure the clues are challenging enough to keep hunters guessing.

Use Candy Coupons - There are plenty of printable Easter coupons that will help you save some dough when stuffing your eggs. Check out this printable coupon for a dollar off two bags of Lifesaver Jellybeans. Print off a copy of this coupon that takes $2 off when you buy three bags of Hershey Easter candy. At, you’ll find printable coupons that take a dollar off two bags of Nestle NestEggs, Wonka Chocolate Golden Eggs or Wonka Jelly Beans.

Have a Color Coded Hunt - For Easter egg hunts where several children are participating in the search, give them a checklist with items like “find two blue eggs” or “find one pink egg.” Not only does it add an extra challenge, but it ensures that everyone gets a fair amount of eggs.

Stock Up on Treats - Find lots of low-cost treats small enough to fit in your Easter eggs at Two dozen finger puppets are just $3.99, a dozen yo-yos are only $1.99, and four dozen colorful bouncing balls are marked down to $6.99. For just a few bucks you’ll have plenty of prizes for your Easter egg hunt.

By Alison Storm

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