Twitter and Facebook Poll: What are You Saving Up to Buy?

Posted on 02/19/2010

In a credit card world the concept of saving up for something may seem a little strange, but plenty of you out there have a plan for your money. In our latest Facebook and Twitter poll, we asked: What are you saving up to buy? Let’s just say you’ve got some big goals you’re working towards.


@rigelceleste - A car!

@jromamma - The house paid for and two simple non-stressful jobs!

@aliciamarie112 - A house of our own with lots of space and a backyard for my boys to run around in.

@isaacfineman - Well, during my FPU class last night that question was asked and I reported: for an engagement ring and my future wedding.

@kellimarks - A vacation to Cancun with friends in August.


Laura MacPherson: A Mini Cooper! The cutest car on earth!

Kim Martin Newell: A trip to Vancouver Island to hike the West Coast Trail.

Holly Krook: An American/German wedding in South Carolina :)

Melissa Keeney: A trip to Jackson Hole this summer for [my friend] Jeannie Croft's wedding!! :)

Nicole Gorney: An Alaskan cruise.

Noelle Elizabeth Kachinsky: Just trying to pay off student loans, build a better nest egg, and oh, replace my ten-year-old car.

Patrick Bloodgood: I second Noelle's comments. I am trying to pay off car, student, and second mortgage loans to ensure more income is able to be used for discretionary items like travel and such.

Andrea Smith: A trip to Paris!!!

Stephanie Storm: A wedding and a new sofa for the living room!

Tonya Kirk-Christopher: A new business venture.

Nicky Ofert: I'm saving for a first family vacation. Doing extra tutoring at school to earn money and we hope to have enough to go in two years!

By Alison Storm

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