Twitter and Facebook Poll: What Are Some Free and Cheap Valentine's Gifts?

Posted on 02/04/2010

Like it or not, Valentine’s Day will be here soon. While jewelry stores, florists and gourmet chocolatiers would like you to believe that proving your love requires spending lots and lots of money that’s just not true. Your Valentine doesn’t need extravagant gifts to feel loved. Our Twitter and Facebook poll proves that there are plenty of free and cheap Valentine’s gifts - but don't forget the deals on offer at the UltimateCoupons Valentine's Day Coupons page!


Kim Martin Newell: I sent my husband a handmade invitation (at his office) to join me on Valentine's Day to prepare a special meal together. Not only is it cheaper than dining out, we can enjoy cooking together and take our time eating it.

Abigail Bleck Baker: I make Clark, my husband, and Caroline, my daughter, chocolate covered strawberries.

Mary Lu Saylor: Making cookies for my man!

Patricia Crandall: I make heart-shaped brownies and write on them with store bought icing in the little tubes. I also use a heart shaped cookie cutter and cut everyone's sandwiches in hearts. I used to tie a special balloon on each of my children's chairs for dinner.

Sheri Christiansen: Make tickets... to be used when they want them... like a 30-minute backrub or dinner night. The list is endless and it can be naughty or nice… just have to use your imagination!!

Gretchen Cooper: A free babysitter for my girls for a few hours so my hubby and I can go out!


@ElizabethRamos: What about teeny tiny Valentines from Two Over Zero? :)

@carrieduvall: Valentine’s Day coupons! They’re good for kids and for adults! : )

@GilGarretsen: Idea for Valentines --> A heartfelt love note! 10 things I love most about you ~ wrapped in a gift box.

@isaacfineman: Homemade white, dark, and milk-chocolate covered strawberries? Wrap in their favorite color tissue paper, boxed, & matching ribbon.

By Alison Storm

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