The Ten Tackiest Ways to Save Money

Posted on 02/02/2010

We’re all about saving cash, but some money saving methods are just downright tacky. There’s no need to forego class and style when you’re trying to save a buck. But if you have a go at any of the ten tackiest ways to save money, you’ll start giving frugal a bad reputation.

10: DIY Lemonade - So you’re feeling thirsty, but you don’t want to pay for a drink? Get a free drink the tacky way by ordering water with lemon and then mixing in some free sugar packets that are already on your table.

9: Taking Home Someone Else’s Leftovers - If you’re going out to eat with pals, but don’t want to pay for the food don’t order anything. Surely someone will leave plenty of leftovers on their plate for you to put in a doggie bag and take home. This is not only tacky, but it’s not very sanitary either.

8: Grocery Store Snacking - If you head to the produce department first so you can snack on those grapes while shopping, that’s a bit tacky. And technically, you’re stealing, since they can’t charge you for grapes that you’ve already eaten.

7: Taking Extra Condiments - Refuse to buy salsa, ketchup, and plastic silverware? You could be tacky. Next time you hit up a fast food restaurant, take enough condiments for the meal you buy—not enough to last through a summer of cook-outs.

6: Bumming Rides off Friends - Yes, gas is expensive, but that doesn’t mean you should constantly bum rides off your pals. They’ll start to resent the fact that you’re never in the driver’s seat and your true tackiness will be revealed.

5: “Borrowing” Magazines from the Gym or Doctor’s Office - If the only magazines you have came from your gym or your doctor’s office then you’ve got a problem. Not only are those magazines layered in germs, but taking them home with you is a tacky way to save a few bucks. Why not visit the library or a book store instead?

4: Using Your Neighbor’s Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi sure is nice and convenient. But just because you can pick up your neighbor’s signal doesn’t mean you should use it. While it may be free, you could be using it at the expense of having a friendly relationship with your neighbor.

3: Reading an Entire Book at the Bookstore - Hitting up your local bookstore for some free fun is fine. Just don’t commandeer the comfiest chair in the place for an entire Saturday while you read the latest book in the Twilight series.

2: Crashing Open Houses for the Free Food - If you’re legitimately in the market for a new home, then the free food is yours for the snacking. But if you’re only purpose for visiting the open house in the first place is to get a free meal, then you a crossing the line into tacky-ville.

1: Making a Meal Out of Free Samples - Free samples are great. Often you get to try new products without forking over any money. But don’t abuse the free samples offered up at your grocery store by going back for thirds, fourths or fifths. If you start to feel like you just visited the local Chinese buffet then you’ve definitely let your tackiness show.

By Alison Storm

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Posted on 02.02.10 at 9:22 AM

Don't forget the type of person who always complains about the credit card bill at restaurants.


Posted on 02.02.10 at 10:15 AM

I would add skimping on the tip at restaurants as one of the top tacky ways to save. If you can't afford the standard (15 to 20 percent) tip, then you can't afford to eat out!


Posted on 02.03.10 at 10:30 AM

Taking a towel for a hotel, is pretty tacky too.


Posted on 02.09.10 at 7:24 AM

Yes! Those are great additions to the list!

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