Scoring Free Samples: Getting the Best Freebies Available

Posted on 02/09/2010

Are you a big fan of paying nothing for stuff? Scoring free samples is a great way to satisfy your craving for freebies. Here are some tips and resources for snagging the best products for free.

Check out - The list of free samples available at is constantly changing. Score everything from free diapers to heartburn medication just by filling out short forms with your contact information. And you don’t have to worry about getting an inbox full of spam, because Walmart promises never to sell your information.

Visit Stores on Weekends - Hungry for some free food samples? Try new cheeses at Whole Foods or the latest frozen food products at Costco. To experience the best variety and quantity of freebies hit your favorite stores on the weekends. That’s when they know crowds will be biggest—and hungriest.

Search Company Websites - Have a favorite product? Or is there a brand you’d love to try without making a commitment? Search the websites of your favorite products. You may be surprised how many offer free samples, like toothpaste at, or energy gel blasts at

Join a Product Review Company - If you’re willing to give your opinion on new products, this can be a great way to get free samples. Check out websites like, where you’ll have access to free products and samples as long as you’re OK with telling the Vocal Point community what you thought about them.

Sign up for P&G Everyday Solutions - Membership to the P&G Everyday Solutions Program is free, and so are the samples you’ll have access to. Proctor and Gamble produces a wide variety of products and when they roll out new ones you’ll get to try them for free. Free samples could be for anything from dog food to detergent.

By Alison Storm

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As a full time home dad and primary shopper i feel That is SEXIST!!!

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