How to Get Your Hands on Extra Grocery Coupon Inserts

Posted on 02/12/2010

Coupons are a key ingredient for saving money on groceries and household products. But every Sunday paper only comes with one set of coupon inserts, which can limit the amount of deals you’re able to score. Looking for ways to stock up on Sunday coupons without having to pay for multiple subscriptions to the newspaper? Here’s how to get your hands on extra grocery coupon inserts.

Check Coffee Shops - Lots of people like to read the Sunday paper at the coffee shop. Lots of times they leave their newspaper behind, along with the coupons stuffed inside. Since this will likely end up in the trash or recycle bin, take the coupons home with you for clipping.

Start a Recycling Campaign - You don’t often see recycling bins at coffee shops. Talk to some local managers and ask if you can start a newspaper recycling campaign in their store. Tell them you’ll set out a collection box and empty it once a week. Before you take the newspapers to be recycled, pull out any coupons customers put inside. Not only will you get your hands on more coupons, but you’ll be saving newspapers from ending up in the landfill.

Ask Friends and Family - The Wall Street Journal recently reported that 99% of coupons are thrown away. So while lots of people are using coupons as a source to save money, plenty are not. Talk to your friends and family members who aren’t into clipping coupons. Ask them to save their Sunday inserts for you.

Talk to the Newspaper - Call up your local newspaper. Ask them if there are ever any extra coupon inserts that you could take. Often newspapers just recycle unused inserts, so they may be more than willing to let you have them.

Scour Recycle Bins - Take a walk around your neighborhood the night before recycling pick-up. Scan your neighbors’ recycling bins for untouched coupons. You’ll prove that one man’s junk really is another man’s treasure.

By Alison Storm

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