Hidden Talent: How Your Special Skills Could Mean Extra Income

Posted on 02/11/2010

Extra income probably sounds pretty nice, but not if it means delivering pizzas or flipping burgers. Who knows-- you may have a hidden talent with earning potential that is just waiting to be tapped. Your special skills could mean extra income.

Skill: Writing - Do you enjoy putting pen to paper? Earn extra income by using your writing skills at companies like Demand Studios. They’re looking for writers to contribute to websites including eHow.com and LiveStrong.com. The best part is the flexibility. You can write as much or as little as you want and you’ll get your paycheck every week.

Skill: Sales - Could you sell winter coats in Key West? Perhaps you should consider using those sales skills to make extra income online. This is an especially great opportunity for those with blogs or websites already in place. Check out affiliate companies like ShareaSale.com, where you get a cut for every sale or lead you generate. You can earn as much as 45% sales commission for doing something you’re already good at.

Skill: Socializing - If you’d rather socialize than sit behind a desk, try hosting a party in order to make additional income. One option is inviting your friends to a gold party that you host with a company like Federal Gold Brokers. Ask everyone to bring their broken or unused gold jewelry to your party and the party rep will make offers to purchase your guests’ gold. You receive a 10% cut of the gold that Federal Gold Brokers purchases just for being social.

Skill: Crafts - No matter what your craft is—knitting, sewing, or jewelry making—you can turn it into money. Sell your handmade goods on Etsy.com or Artsefest.com. The listing fees are fairly low which means you’ll get to keep most of the money you make.

Skill: Teaching - If you’re good at math, science or reading and you like explaining it to others, consider using this skill as a part-time tutor. This is a service you could offer using a free website like TutorMatch.com. Simply specify your level of education, experience, and hours of availability to get matched with those needing a tutor in your areas of expertise.

By Alison Storm

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