How Being Organized Can Save You Money

Posted on 01/15/2010

Is clutter costing you? It certainly could be. And you don’t have to live in a home that looks like it should be featured on Clean House. You may think you don’t have time to get organized, but you may not be able to afford not to. Here are ways being organized can save you money.

You Won’t Miss Payments - If you’re not organized, you could be prone to missing payments. And missing payments can lead to late fees. Consider late fees to be a clutter tax. Once you’re organized you won’t have to pay that pesky fee any more.

You Won’t Make Redundant Purchases - If your closets look like tornado zones, how can you possibly keep tabs on what’s buried inside? Not knowing what you’ve got can cause you to waste money buying redundant purchases. When you’re unorganized you might think you’re out of shampoo, when in fact there are two bottles hiding in your closet.

You Won’t Run Out - Convenience comes at a price. If you run out of toothpaste, diapers, or headache medicine you’ll pay a premium at the nearby convenience store. But if you’re organized you’ll be able to plan ahead and buy them at the best price possible, lowering the cost of these necessary supplies.

You Won’t Lose Gift Cards - If your wallet won’t snap shut that could be a sign that you need to clean it out. When your wallet is organized gift cards, certificates and coupons won’t be forgotten. You’ll be able to take advantage of the savings opportunity that your wallet can hold.

You Won’t Throw Away Food - The refrigerator can be like a cold closet—just as cluttered except instead of shoes and clothes it stores food and drinks. When your fridge is orderly you won’t waste money throwing out hamburger that’s too old or bread that’s gone stale. You’ll know what you have and when it expires in order to avoid waste.

You Won’t Face Overdue Charges - Rented movies, library books or missed doctor’s appointments can all result in late fees or overdue charges. When your life is in order you’ll be able to keep tabs on your obligations and prevent yourself from paying irritating charges.

You Won’t Waste Time - That time spent searching for keys, socks or scissors could have been spent doing something much more valuable. But when you’re organized you’re more productive and, of course, time is money.

By Alison Storm

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