Help Haiti: How? Where? What? How much?

Posted on 01/14/2010

The tragedy of the Haitian earthquake has dominated the news this week, with potentially hundreds of thousands dead or missing and the capital of Port-au-Prince essentially demolished. Unless you work for a relief organization, you probably have no way to go in person to help with disaster relief - but you can donate money to help. Here are a few organizations with pages that allow you to donate directly to Haitian earthquake relief:

Direct Relief International - DRI is partnering with FedEx to airlift $2 million in medical supplies to Haiti, including water purification products, broad-spectrum antibiotics, and supplies for trauma and wound care.

Heifer International - Click on the link provided to go directly to Heifer's Haiti Earthquake Relief page. They already had projects set up to aid Haitians in creating sustainable farmland with crop diversity, plus gifts of livestock, seeds, trees, and grain, but all funds donated through this page will go towards immediate recovery and rebuilding.

Red Cross - Through this page, you can select where your donation will go - they have a box for "Haiti Relief and Development." Monies will go towards mobilizing relief workers and supplies.

World Concern - Funds donated to World Concern will be used initially for blankets, emergency shelters, and supplies of clean drinking water, as existing water systems are likely contaminated with sewage due to damage.

World Vision - World Vision will use all donations for food, clean water, blankets, and tents for displaced earthquake victims. They are already on the ground delivering supplies.

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