Cheap Ways and Free Tools to Help You Stop Smoking

Posted on 01/11/2010

Hoping to kick the habit in 2010? Make this the year where you give up that dirty smoking habit. You’ll improve your health and have extra money to put towards something besides cancer sticks. (How does a cruise to the Bahamas sound?) To help you turn this resolution into a reality we’ve got cheap ways and free tools to help you stop smoking.

Free NicoDerm CQ - Millions of smokers have quit with the help of NicoDerm CQ. Get a free non-medicated sample to see how it feels to wear. You’ll also receive a $7 coupon to try the real thing as well as e-newsletters full of tips to help you kick the habit.

Ciga Cease Free Trial - Decrease your cravings for cigarettes and prevent weight gain with Ciga Cease. It’s a 100% natural and herbal formula. Right now you can try it for free at

Low-Cost Bupropian - Buproprian reduces nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Those who take the pill have better odds of quitting and typically stop using tobacco products within ten days. Right now you can get a 17-count starter prescription at Wal-Mart for just $9.

Free Sample of Nicorette Gum - Reduce withdrawal symptoms and stop smoking with the help of Cinnamon Surge Nicorette gum. You’ll get 20 free pieces at Don’t worry—a membership isn’t required to take advantage of this free sample.

Free Trial at - No "butts" about it—stopping smoking isn’t easy. Quitting needs to become a way of life according to They’ve got a 42-day challenge that shows you how to re-channel your smoking habit and phase out addiction. Try it for free and you’ll receive daily challenges, text reminders and daily to-do lists that will have you packing up your collection of ashtrays in 2010.

By Alison Storm

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