Twitter/Facebook Poll: What do you Really Hope Santa Brings You This Year?

Posted on 12/17/2009

Remember how fun it was to visit Santa in his red velvety suit, pull on his beard and tell him what you wanted for Christmas? That’s why we conducted a Facebook and Twitter poll to ask what you really hope Santa brings you this year. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, it’s still fun to dream.


Darren Whitehead: A new job would be nice.

Janet Wilson: A job period.

Stephanie Storm: More time.

Jennifer Storm Meredith: For me, a better job! [For my son] Isaac, Dinaco and Lightning McQueen big cars :)

Matt Minter: PS3

Patricia Crandall: Peace and trust. My husband requested a goat! It will be sent to Africa. I also purchased the education of one child for a year. What a good feeling.

Jason Robertson: As long as it is not coal, I am a very happy boy.

Cassia Gordon Imholz: Johnny Depp;)!

@KathrynDarden - What I really want Santa to bring me this year is a good job as a writer/P.R. person.

@poonampatodia - My 4 yr old asks for a sister and requests Santa not to put her in the stocking since she will eat up all the candies!

@ochateabar - Wrinkle cream.

@lkrainey - A great vacation

@laurenwalk - I want Santa to bring me a good (and by good, I mean FULL) night's sleep! Doesn't happen a lot these days with a 9 month old!

@SpirNut - My husband and I are staying home for the first time since 1996. Santa, I want a happy, snuggly day together. (And a book.)

By Alison Storm

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