Twitter/Facebook Poll: What are Your Financial New Year's Resolutions?

Posted on 12/30/2009

Want to pay cash for a new flat screen? Or perhaps save up for a trip to Alaska? Whatever your money aspirations are for 2010 we want to know! They say if you tell others about your goals you’re more likely to achieve them-- so go ahead and spill it by leaving a comment. Need some inspiration? We conducted a poll on Facebook and Twitter to find out about your financial New Year’s resolutions.


Tim Lowry: To try and put more into retirement. I'm getting old.

Summer Neal: To pay off one student loan per year while still making my standard monthly payment.

Susan Harris Pottberg: To get those credit cards paid off!

Nicole Gorney: To find creative ways to save money, like planning meals around what's on sale that week at the grocery store, and getting a coffee from the bakery in the morning, because it's three times cheaper than Starbucks!

Tim Waller: Mine is one you've heard before. Cut back on the daily Starbucks spending. I'm a Starbucks FREAK! Some days, I drop $5+ on lattes or plain dark roast. The taste/smell of Kona beans makes me insanely happy. But at what cost? The money I'm spending on coffee could be funding my cigarette habit! :-)

Patricia Crandall: I plan on getting one credit card paid off and half of my children's student loans for college paid off. How? I am taking out Social Security early and applying it to everything I owe. I will live strictly on my retirement check and sales of my art for pocket money.

Mary Sorenson-Ludwig: Build my emergency fund back up.

JeremyVoh - For 2010 I'm really looking forward to paying off our last car loan and supercharging our daughter's 529 college savings.

CarrieCheap - My 2010 goals: Max out Roth IRA, save $20,000 in personal savings, pass CPA exam, implement Quicken for my records

BrokeAssBride - Goals: Quit my day job and pursue my passion full-time; publish a book (or 2); pay off medical/school debt. I'mma do it all! :)

lkrainey - pay off my car loan

NealFrankle - My biggest goal is to enjoy the process of making a living more. To see how I can enjoy my work more.

By Alison Storm

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