Pretty Packages for Less: Save on Gift Wrapping Supplies

Posted on 12/16/2009

Wrapping a present can drive up the cost of the gift. Slash your spending on wrapping supplies with these coupons and ideas that will produce pretty packages for less. While presentation is important, so is saving money... So be sure to check out deals on the gifts themselves at the Ultimate Coupons' Christmas Sales page!

Use this Hallmark Coupon - Pick up some cheap wrapping paper using this $5 off coupon from Hallmark. The coupon is good from now through Christmas Eve.

Get the Kids to Help - Put your kiddos to work by having them design wrapping paper. Use their artistic flare to enhance a gift and make it one-of-a-kind. This is an especially great idea for grandparents, who will think the wrapping paper is just about as good as the gift itself.

Recycle - Statistics show that gift wrap trash adds up to four million tons each year in the US. Go green this Christmas and do your part to reduce that number. Done with your Sunday paper? Why not give it a new life? Use the newspaper to wrap your gifts and give it a high end feel by finishing it off with a fancy bow. Combining the frugal element of the newspaper with a lovely bow will pull off a balanced, chic look.

Make a DIY Gift Bag - Turn leftover fabric into a gift bag. This simple video at will show you how. There’s also a free pattern and tutorial on how to make your own fabric gift bags at

Ask Customer Service - Some stores offer free gift wrapping and you may not even realize it. Before lugging all those packages to your car, swing by the store’s customer service desk and ask if it’s available. You can relax over a cup of coffee while someone else does the wrapping.

Stock Up During Sales - This probably won’t help you get this year’s presents wrapped, but be sure to pick up several rolls during after Christmas sales. Stores typically slash the price in half or more so when next year rolls around you’ll already be stocked up.

By Alison Storm

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