Low Cost Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for Holiday Guests

Posted on 12/14/2009

Whether it’s just grandma coming to visit, or the whole gang, it’s nice to have your home in tip top shape for Christmas. But with all the other expenses of the holiday season it may be tough to find extra room in the budget for projects around the house. We’ve got low cost ways to spruce up your home for holiday guests, plus tons of great deals on gifts, cards, and more at the Ultimate Coupons' Christmas Sales page.

Get Organized - Feeling a little frazzled? Your unorganized home could be to blame. Make it more welcoming for guests by getting the clutter under control. Tackle one room at a time - have a garbage bag handy and an empty bag for charity donations. Give yourself five minutes to fill each bag with as much stuff as possible. Then straighten what’s left. Return items to the places they belong and clear off flat spaces like desk tops and table surfaces as much as possible. Your home will be much more comfortable and you won’t have to spend anything but a little bit of time.

Deep Clean - There’s no better way to spruce up your home than by giving it a good cleaning. But with gifts to wrap, cookies to bake and presents to buy who has time to clean the whole house? Try focusing on the rooms where guests will spend the most time and be sure to give the bathroom a good scrub. Get your cleaning done faster with some free playlists from Merry Maids. They’ve also got lots of great (and cheap) cleaning tips like pouring salt over your pet’s accident on the carpet. Let it sit overnight and vacuum it up to get rid of the smell and stain.

Create a Welcome Basket - Have guests coming in from out of town? Make them feel welcome by putting a little basket of goodies in their room. Include toiletry items like toothpaste and lotion that are often forgotten as well as a bottle of water or a treat for late-night cravings. Also make sure you give them a stack of fresh bath towels so they don’t have to go digging for them.

Tackle Touch-Ups - Does the grout in your shower need to be touched up? Perhaps some painted trim needs could use a fresh coat? Chances are you already have the supplies you need to tackle these touch-ups. Take an hour or two and knock them off your list for another low-cost way to spruce up your home before the holiday guests arrive.

By Alison Storm

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