How to Increase Your eBay Earnings

Posted on 12/17/2009

There’s no doubt about it—eBay is a great place for drumming up extra income. But if you’ve ever taken the time to list a product on the site only to have it sell for pennies then you know eBay isn’t without its frustrations. Make auctioning off your items online worth your time by using these tips for increasing your eBay earnings.

Improve Photography - Since buyers can’t touch, see or feel your item in person, good photography is key. Make sure your item is well- it and that your photos highlight special details about the product. Need some extra tips? Use this photography guide from eBay.

Treat it Like a Business - Even though eBay may generate just enough income for you to support your coffee habit, don’t let buyers know that. Keep it professional and encourage repeat sales by putting a flyer in with each shipment thanking the buyer for their business.

Get Verified - For just $5 you can become ID Verified by eBay. There are lots of perks to becoming verified including being able to open an eBay Store and use expanded listing options. ID Verify also shows buyers that your identity has been proven so they’ll have more confidence to bid on the items you’re selling. You’ll also get the ID Verify icon on your member profile to show that you’ve been verified.

Research Trends - Zhu Zhu Pets, iPods, Coach bags-- find out what’s hot and what’s not with eBay Pulse. It lists the most popular searches site-wide and according to each category. This will give you an idea of what people are shopping for most and what keywords are important to include in your title.

Offer Free Shipping - Most people agree that paying for shipping stinks. And eBay knows that too which is why they’ve set up ways for buyers to search for products where the shipping is free. Appeal to more buyers by offering free shipping. It may increase your overhead a little, but you could end up making more in the long run.

Respond Quickly - If a potential buyer sends you a question about an item you are trying to sell, answer quickly. It will show that you are open and honest about your listing as well as easy to work with—qualities that may translate into a sale.

Check Your Spleling - Are you a bad speeller? Then this tip is specially important. If you spill keywords incorectly buyrs wn’t be abel to fine what your sleling. Make sure you review before you post.

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Uninterested eBay Seller

Posted on 12.18.09 at 2:31 AM

Meh, this article wasn't that helpful. These are tips that I already knew, and they don't work. Buyers on eBay are picky as heck, and even if you provide the best picture or answer their questions right away, they still won't buy. It's a waste of time dealing with the frustration you get from buyers nowadays on eBay. I loathe eBay now, especially since they're doing a lot to rip off sellers who use eBay to sell while letting buyers do as they please without any consequences.


Posted on 12.21.09 at 3:35 PM

Sorry to hear you've had some bad eBay experiences. I actually made a lot of my Christmas gift money through eBay this year!

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