Gifts that Help with New Year's Resolutions

Posted on 12/21/2009

Want to lose twenty pounds? Learn Spanish? Drink six glasses of water a day? Most of us make New Year’s resolutions, but few actually succeed in achieving them. But don’t let the fact that a small number of people are actually successful with their New Year’s resolutions sentence you to defeat. These gifts will help turn New Year’s resolutions into life-changing commitments.

Resolution: Losing Weight

It’s typically on the top of the list of most popular New Year’s resolutions: losing weight. Help anyone on your list achieve the goal of shedding some pounds with a gift like the $29 Nike + iPod Sport Kit. It will select songs to boost mid-run motivation. Plus, it can track progress from one workout to the next when used with a compatible cardio machine at the gym.

Resolution: Saving Money
This January 1, many people will be focusing their resolutions on managing debt and saving money. Find a gift that will help them do just that like this Home Energy PowerCost Monitor. It reveals how much you’re paying for energy consumption so you can find ways to cut costs. Another gift that will help your recipient save some cash is this indoor herb garden from QVC. They’ll have free access to basil, oregano and sage. Not only will this prevent them from spending money on pricey herbs, but perhaps it will encourage them to eat at home rather than going out for meals.

Resolution: Reducing Stress
There are plenty of gifts that can help accomplish a New Year’s resolution of reducing stress at Check out the Headache Relieving Wrap. Developed by a neurologist, it promises to eliminate headaches naturally. Want something more mainstream? Pick up some bubble bath, a scented candle or book your loved one a massage to help them get rid of stress.

Resolution: Getting a Better Job
Whether it’s a bad boss, low pay or a lack of stimulation, there are lots of reasons why many people are resolving to find better jobs. Give them a motivational read like Sink or Swim: New Job, New Boss, 12 Weeks to Get it Right; Get the Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring; or Your Right Job Right Now. Help them improve their look with some new business clothes or a new leather portfolio like this one from Coach. That way when they land their new dream job, they’ll have you to thank.

By Alison Storm

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