From Software to Soda Bottles: How to Make Extra Money by Recycling

Posted on 12/08/2009

Got some extra stuff lying around? Whether it’s soda bottles, software or an old cell phone cluttering up your space, there are ways to turn that junk into cash. Not only will you be saving it from going to the landfill, but you’ll be making extra money by recycling.

Various Gadgets - It’s hard to believe someone actually wants your old laptops, GPS devices, camcorders and MP3 players, but does. Every item gets an offer plus they’ll pay for shipping. Just tell Gazelle what you want to recycle and they’ll give you an offer. If you’re pleased with the bid just send in your stuff and get your cash.

Cell Phones - Do you change cell phones as often as you change hairstyles? Then chances are you’ve got a couple of spares. Turn those unused cell phones into cash by recycling them with services like Just let them know what you have, submit your information, send in your phone and receive your cash.

Video Game Systems - Haven’t played your Playstation 2 in a while? Trade it in for Swagbucks. They collect old video games, too and those Swagbucks can be traded in for merchandise and gift cards at top retailers like Starbucks, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Scrap Metal - If you’ve got old car parts, aluminum or other metals, find a buyer at Create a free account and list your items. It’s a great way to recycle scrap that may have otherwise ended up in the dump.

Software - Got outdated software sitting around? Don’t trash it—get cash for it. Check out sites like,, or Each claims to give you cash for your old software.

Ink Cartridges - Don’t throw away your empty ink cartridges—recycle them. Get up to $3.60 for each empty cartridge from You can also take them to your local Staples store to receive $3 in Staples Rewards. That’s money you can use in the store to buy whatever you need.

Soda Bottles - Eleven states will give you cash for recycling your soda cans, beer bottles or 2-liters. Find out more at and start collecting cans for quick cash.

By Alison Storm

Disney Store - Get the kids a few more Christmas presents with your newfound cash, and save 10% off orders over $55 or 20% off orders over $85 with coupon code DISNEYDEC. Expires 12/13/2009.

Old Navy - Recycle your old clothes in favor of some stylish new ones from Old Navy, and save 20% on your order with coupon code ONSAVE20. Expires 12/15/2009.

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