After-Christmas Tips for Turning Bad Gifts into What You Really Want

Posted on 12/28/2009

It’s hard to remember that Christmas is more about giving than receiving when you’re stuck with a really bad gift. Perhaps you got saddled with the world’s ugliest socks, a new bathroom scale or a tacky snow globe. Here are some after-Christmas tips for turning those bad gifts into what you really want.

Trade - We’re not saying you should take advantage of those younger, perhaps less seasoned family members, but if they really want to trade you their new Wii for your super-cool footie pajamas, then why stop them from the hours of joy they might receive from your gift? After all, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

Return - Back in the day returning gifts wasn’t that tough. But now it seems that retailers will do whatever they can to avoid giving you your money back. It’s best to research the store’s policy before you go in so you know the rules. If at all possible, get your hands on the original receipt since most retailers are requiring that these days. Even with a gift receipt you may end up getting stuck with store credit rather than cash.

Regift - To some people, regifting is the ultimate faux pas. But it is a way to turn a gift you don’t like into something you really want. Just use the money you would have spent buying someone else a gift to get yourself something. Don’t regift handmade items and certainly don’t regift to someone who knows the original giver. You could end up with hurt feelings and more drama than an episode of Jerry Springer.

Sell - Thanks to sites like eBay and Craigslist, selling your unwanted Christmas gifts has become much easier. In fact one study shows that 15% of eBay individual sellers were planning to resell at least one Christmas gift. It’s a great way to clear the clutter and get some cash for the after-Christmas sales.

Rent - Don’t feel right about selling off the gift grandma gave you? Why not rent it out instead? is a website that lets you rent anything online. From bounce houses to projectors, list your unwanted gifts on along with your daily rental price. That way you can make money to put towards the gift you were hoping for in the first place and you won’t feel guilty about pawning off presents.

By Alison Storm

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