What Not to Buy on Black Friday

Posted on 11/17/2009

Black Friday is a day for snagging steals on all sorts of goodies to give as gifts—whether it’s to others or yourself. Besides tackling the Black Friday crowds without having caffeine in your system, are there any other no-no’s when it comes to shopping the day after Thanksgiving? We say yes. Here are some suggestions on what not to buy on Black Friday, and there will be more tips on good Black Friday deals up as soon as they get 'em in at the Ben's Bargains Black Friday Coupons page.

Something Not On Sale - We can hardly imagine the person that would actually purchase an item that’s not on sale on Black Friday, but just in case there are a few bargain hunting novices soaking in some shopping knowledge for their very first Black Friday let it be said: don’t buy anything that’s not on sale. It kind of defeats the purpose of waking up in the middle of the night to get a good deal if what you buy is regular price.

A Big Ticket Impulse Item - It’s important to go into the stores with a plan on Black Friday. In other words, don’t just waltz into Best Buy thinking you’ll get some good deals on DVDs and suddenly become enamored with a flat screen at fifty-percent off. It’s OK if your impulse buy is a $5 Snuggie, but just make sure you’ve got a plan for purchasing big ticket items.

Big Screen TVs - Believe it or not, Black Friday may not be the best time to buy your new TV. Some experts say the deals are better just before the Super Bowl. Now there are exceptions. A few stores significantly mark down certain models, but they may only have a couple stocked in each store. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one of these—go for it. But otherwise you may want to hold off until the New Year.

Christmas Décor - If you absolutely have to buy Christmas decorations for the upcoming holiday season, then go for it. But these will be significantly cheaper come the day after Christmas as compared to the day after Thanksgiving.

Anything You Have a Question About - On Black Friday the crowds are big—so big that cashiers, salesmen and store employees can be hard to come by. This isn’t a great time to be comparison shopping for computers, printers, or other gadgets. Don’t buy pricey items you have questions about. The key to a successful Black Friday is knowing what you want and being willing to battle crowds for it.

By Alison Storm

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I'm not sure what's happening, but this link leads to information from 2008. I don't think this website has updated.


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You just published an article 2 weeks ago about items to get on Black Friday and big screen TVs was on it. Might want to make sure the left hand knows what the right hand is doing, guys.

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