Ten Black Friday Must-Haves for Serious Shoppers

Posted on 11/18/2009

Black Friday isn’t for wimps. Waking up before dawn, navigating the crowds and competing with other bargain-hungry shoppers takes perseverance, endurance and maybe a dash of insanity. Here are ten Black Friday must-haves for serious shoppers who want to walk away with victory - plus check out the deals at the Ultimate Coupons' Black Friday Sales page: they'll be updated the second their team gets them from the stores!

Comfy Shoes - Black Friday is not about high fashion. Keep the heels at home and pull on something comfortable. Tennis shoes are best in case you are forced to break into a sprint to grab a sale item at the back of the store.

A Game Plan - No serious Black Friday shopper wakes up in the middle of the night with a stomach full of turkey without a plan. Nail down store hours, track doorbuster deals and figure out where the best bargains are on the items you want.

Coffee - You may not need coffee right away since you’ll be high on adrenaline, but that won’t last all day. Make sure you pencil in a coffee stop to your Black Friday schedule so you keep yourself wide awake and at your peak bargain-hunting performance.

Coupons - Most retailers still accept coupons on Black Friday, even though prices are already slashed. You can save more money on your purchases by printing off coupons before you go.

Black Friday Ads - Take copies of the Black Friday ads for the stores you’re planning to attack. That way you can have a quick reference for the style, model or item that’s on sale. Plus, if an item doesn’t ring up properly you’ve got hard evidence to back yourself up to a groggy store employee.

Cash - Take some cash out of the ATM before Black Friday. This may come in handy if—heaven help us—the credit card system goes down.

Credit - Having multiple payment options is always a good idea. Some stores may open a credit-only checkout line and when you’re prepared you’ll have to wait less.

Snacks - Don’t give up prime shopping time by having to stop for snacks. Stay fueled by stashing some food in your purse or pocket.

A Shopping Buddy - A shopping buddy is a great thing to have on Black Friday. They’ll offer support and maybe even be the voice of reason when you find yourself contemplating an unplanned flat screen purchase.

A Baby-Sitter - Black Friday and little kids are not a good mix. They can easily get lost in the crowds and they’ll distract you from being at the top of your shopping game. Invest in a baby-sitter or ask a family member to watch the little ones. Just tell them you’ll pick them up a little something while you’re out.

By Alison Storm

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