Six Easy Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Thanksgiving Holiday Travel

Posted on 11/05/2009

Planning on road tripping it this Thanksgiving? Whether you’re driving to Grandma Betty’s in Butte or to the theme parks in Orlando it’s a good idea to make sure your car is ready for Turkey Day travel. It’s one of the busiest times to be on America’s highways. So before you and the fam pile in the minivan make sure you follow these six steps to get your car ready for Thanksgiving travel. And if you're in need of deals on hotels or flights (if you just can't face the thought of a car trip!), grab some deals at the Ben's Bargains Thanksgiving Travel Deals page!

Routine Maintenance - Before you embark on your Thanksgiving pilgrimage, make sure your vehicle is up for the challenge. Take it in for routine maintenance like an oil change and tire rotation. It’s best to get these things done before you go so you’re not stuck trying to find a service station during your vacation.

New Wiper Blades - When was the last time you updated your wiper blades? This easy and low-cost task can keep you and your family much safer in the event of a downpour or snowstorm. Use this printable coupon to save $10 off your $25 purchase at new locations of Advance Auto Parts.

Tire Pressure - Heading somewhere cold this Thanksgiving? The experts say every time the temperature drops by ten degrees the air pressure in your tires is reduced by about one pound. Having low tire pressure can reduce your fuel efficiency and make your vehicle less safe to drive. So check your tire pressure and check it often.

Battery Test - Don’t let a bad battery ruin your Thanksgiving holiday. Get your battery tested or charged for free at AutoZone. They can have it charged and ready to go within 30 minutes for 12-volt batteries.

Emergency Kit - Make room in the trunk for a car emergency kit like this one from AAA. It sells for just $34.99 at Costco and includes dozens of useful items for when you find yourself in an emergency. Some of the items you’ll find in your safety kit are a folding shovel, a survival blanket and a safety strobe light.

Snacks and Entertainment - Your car won’t be ready for your Thanksgiving road trip without some snacks and entertainment. Bring along a small cooler with some drinks and food so you don’t have to stop as often along the way. Pick up some travel games from Barnes and Noble, and you’ll make this Thanksgiving road trip a fun family time to remember—even several years down the road.

By Alison Storm

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