Scary Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Posted on 10/29/2009

Looking for a freakishly cheap least minute Halloween costume? Even though Halloween is coming up quick you can still score a great (and scary!) last minute costume. Whether it’s a closeout deal at a local clothing store or getting creative with what you have in your closet, you can still be the hit of the Halloween bash. PS - Don't forget to stock up on costumes & decorations for next year, since there are still mountains of spookily great deals available at the UltimateCoupons' Halloween Sale page!

Dirty Laundry - There’s nothing scarier than airing your dirty laundry in public. Grab a laundry basket and cut out the bottom. You may need to secure it with string to create “suspenders” that will hold the basket in place around your waist. Fill it with dirty laundry and you’re good to go.

Bat - Have an old black umbrella lying around? Then you’re moments away from becoming a scary bat for Halloween. Grab that old umbrella and remove the handle. Cut the umbrella in half to create wings. Safety pin them to the back of a black shirt. Throw on some black pants and your bat outfit is complete.

Mummy - The mummy is a classic and scary Halloween costume. Pull some old white sheets out of the linen closet (probably not the nice 800 thread count ones.) Pick some sheets up at Goodwill if you don’t have any that you’re willing to destroy. Rip the sheets into strips and using tea, dye the fabric so it looks dirty and old. Wearing a white top and white pants as a base, wrap the strips of fabric around your body. Apply some dark make-up around your eyes to give yourself an even scarier look. Check out these simple steps from if you need a little more guidance.

Cereal Killer - If you like puns this costume is for you. All you need are empty mini cereal boxes, fake blood, plastic knives and some safety pins. Stab the cereal boxes with the knives and apply fake blood. Attach the cereal boxes to a plain t-shirt using safety pins and there you have it—a scary cereal killer!

Skeleton - Skeletons are always scary Halloween costumes. And makes it easy by providing all the templates you need to make a complete skeleton, including this skull template. Print them out and use white contact paper to make the bones. Carefully cut the pieces out and position them on a black outfit to make a full set of scary bones.

Old Navy - If you’re not feeling crafty head to Old Navy on Friday October 30 and Saturday October 31 for super cheap Halloween costumes. They’ll be marked down to $2 each so get there early for the best selection. Keep an eye out for lions, tigers and skeletons if you’re looking for something scary.

By Alison Storm

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