How To Do Halloween Cheaply

Posted on 10/13/2009

Halloween is kind of like a kick-off to the holiday season—three solid months devoted to eating, being with loved ones and, of course, spending way too much money. But thankfully Halloween is one holiday that doesn’t necessarily require deep pockets. Here are ways to do Halloween cheaply.

Rite Aid’s Fall Gift of Savings
Rite Aid Fall Gift of Savings program is hitting at the perfect time for Halloween shopping. From now until October 17 you can save your receipts and get a gift card back worth as much as $20 to use on future purchases. Here’s how it works—buy over $100 worth of products at Rite Aid and you’ll receive $20 back. If your purchases total between $51-$100 then you’ll get $10 back. And if you spend $25-$50 Rite Aid will give you $5 back. So in reality, the more Halloween goodies you buy the more money you’ll get back.

Look for Candy Sales
Candy deals are just starting and there are sure to be many more. Soon candy manufacturers will start to roll out candy coupons and when you combine these with advertised sales, you’ll be able to please lots of little trick-or-treaters come October 31.

Free Snacks
That pumpkin you carved does more than make your porch more festive. It also holds a free snack—pumpkin seeds. Clean off the seeds, lay them on a cookie sheet and sprinkle some salt on them. Bake at 250 degrees for about an hour, making sure to shake them every 15 or 20 minutes. Soon you’ll have a great, and healthy, Halloween snack.

Deals on Decorations
Think outside of the box and pick up perfect items for doing up your Halloween party. For example, grab a box of Kleenex, a bag of suckers and some twist ties so your little one can make some spooky ghosts. Also, be sure to buy some rubber gloves, fill them with water and freeze for a frightening addition to a bowl of red punch.

Cheap Costumes
Forget that expensive store at the mall, get creative with what’s in your closet to design a spooky or funny costume. Anybody with some extra cash can buy a cool costume, but only the creative ones can do it frugally with things they already own.

By Alison Storm

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