Five Subscriptions You Should Consider Canceling and Five You Should Keep

Posted on 10/07/2009

Subscriptions can be convenient because they require little effort, but they can also be damaging to your bank account since often the money disappears before you realize it. You may be able to uncover some more wiggle room in your budget by canceling some unnecessary subscriptions, but there are other subscriptions you should keep. Here are five of each.

Cancel: Satellite Radio - If you’re looking for places to cut back on spending, satellite radio could be a good option. Go back to the free version—the FM and AM kind-- for a while and watch the money pile up in your bank account.

Keep: Gym Membership - Your gym membership includes lots of extra freebies that make it completely worth the price. These include free classes, free child care and free entertainment. Plus, when you’re healthy, you’ll spend less on doctor visits and medicine.

Cancel: Movie Rental Subscription Services - Sure, it’s convenient, but you may not miss that movie rental subscription service. Instead of putting the subscription fee on your credit card—use your library card to get free movies.

Keep: Worthy Magazine Subscriptions - There’s no point keeping magazines that you don’t read, but go ahead and keep the subscriptions that you enjoy. Also, consider holding on to magazines with valuable advertiser coupons inside.

Cancel: Water Delivery - Are you still paying for water to be delivered? Invest in a water purification device instead. For a few bucks you’ll still get your H2O, but it won’t drown you with payments.

Keep: Sunday Newspaper - You may not need your local newspaper every day, but keep your subscription to the Sunday edition. It contains hundreds of dollars worth of valuable coupons, plus information on entertainment opportunities that will keep you enjoying free fun.

Cancel: Cable Extras - Chances are there are some channels that you’re paying for that you’re not using. Call your cable company and cut out the extras. Evaluate what you’re really taking advantage of and what is just a waste of money.

Keep: Wholesale Warehouse - If you’re using your membership to the local wholesale warehouse then you may want to keep this one. You can save a lot of money by buying bulk, which makes this subscription worth keeping.

Cancel: Credit Protection - Identity theft is a serious problem, but that doesn’t mean you should pay someone else to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. Take advantage of the free credit report you’re allowed each year and follow these tips from the FTC.

Keep: Professional Services - No matter what you do for a living, chances are there are networking groups, professional services and organizations that you’re a part of. If these are benefiting your livelihood by educating, connecting and preparing you and improving your career then keep them going. They’re worth the money if they’re helping you step up your earning potential.

By Alison Storm

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Deb Cutler

Posted on 10.08.09 at 5:49 AM

I have been doing bottled water for years. Since I have owned my cooler for many years, it is not really a bad cost. I pay $6.00 per 5 gallon bottle and it allows the kids to make hot chocolate without boiling water. Plus anytime we go out we just fill a bottle and take it with.

Bud Raymond

Posted on 10.08.09 at 8:42 AM

The only exception I take to your list is the video rental service. I have netflix and an xBox. I cancelled all of my cable tv service and now watch HD broadcast for free over the air. I can also stream an unlimited amount of movies for free on the xBox. So my cable $50+ bill was replaced by $9.49 for netflix and $5 for xBox live.


Posted on 10.11.09 at 11:15 AM

noooooo - sorry, I will gladly pay Sirius any amount they wish in order to not have to listen to crappy radio ads and the same annoying 10 songs all day long. I love my satellite radio and it has saved my sanity many times on my long commute.

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