Budgeting for Baby: How to Save Money on Kids' Items

Posted on 10/14/2009

Don’t let your bundle of joy become a bundle of debt! Babies can cost big money for being so little. And the story doesn’t change much the older they get. According to the Department of Agriculture, you’ll spend about a quarter of a million dollars on them from birth to age 18. It’s important to work on budgeting for baby and find ways to save money on kids’ items. Here are some helpful hints to get you started.

Focus on Essentials - It’s easy to get carried away with the excitement of a baby’s arrival. But just remember that the companies that manufacture baby items pay marketing professionals big bucks to make everything seem essential. Check out this list from WebMD for a list of necessary baby items and try to stick to it. There’s no need to excessively stock the nursery.

Shop Secondhand - Babies don’t stay babies long and that means often baby items are still in great condition long after the little ones have grown out of them. Think cribs, furniture and high chairs. At babybarnitems.com you can buy, rent, or sell gear at a discounted price. You could also look for bargains on Craigslist or eBay for other slightly used baby items.

Look for Coupons - Plenty of manufacturers use coupons to get you to buy their products. Look for deals on diapers, baby food coupons and even clothing discounts. Stores like The Children’s Place and Gymboree offer deals and discounts on their websites. Plus, check out Gerber Childrenswear for coupons like $2.50 off any two Gerber Onesies.

Throw a Baby Shower -Don’t miss out on this lovely tradition. A baby shower is a great way to get stocked up on supplies for your new arrival. Your friends and family members will be happy to help you prepare for the little boy or girl. Check out Parents.com for inspiration and ideas.

Stock up Early - As soon as you find out that your family is expanding, start stocking up on the stuff you’re going to needs lots of: diapers, wipes and baby powder. Shop for deals and discounts at your favorite grocery store or drug store. It will help you stick to your budget once the baby arrives.

By Alison Storm

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