Twitter/Facebook Poll: How Do you Stay Fabulous on a Budget?

Posted on 09/28/2009

It’s official. Turns out you don’t need big bucks to live life with style and flare. You can be completely fabulous on a budget. How do we know? Because we asked! Through the power of Twitter (and Facebook, too) we polled you to find out how you stay fabulous on a budget and here’s what we found out.

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@BrandiHong: Manicure, color hair, wax all at home now.

@S2DigitalMedia: Fab budget = Craigslist to find vendors for our wedding- music, video and photo. We’re getting four HD cameras for 1/4 the price.

@Savingforhome: Biweekly home pedicures (my toes are always painted). I also mask twice a week after exfoliating.

@Carrieactually: set the budget and then buy what I need and want most first. Anything that doesn't make it I didn't want that bad

@MeleaMauldin: Invest in classic wardrobe pieces, but pay very little for trendy items. Keeps outfits fresh and new w/o renewing every season.

Heather Tomlinson: I shop only at thrift stores for my clothes. My best outfits are from Goodwill, Plato's closet, etc. I love it and I get a lot of compliments. I also make all our curtains, pillows, etc. from fabric off the remnant pile. We cut coupons like crazy and do the triple coupons at Bloom grocery store.

Kim Martin Newell: We bought a FoodSaver. We buy pork loin, etc. in bulk at Costco and vacuum seal it. I'm sure it's already paid for itself.

Tonya Kirk-Christopher: I run a lot for my exercise so I don't have to purchase a gym membership. We don't have a gardener, which we would love to have but we do all our own yard work. We planted an 18' queen palm all by ourselves.

Carrie Duvall: I go to Old Navy, especially when they are having their clearance sales - you can find great stuff there, you just have to be willing to dig through a lot of clothes!

Marisa Ramos: Shop at charity shops. I get all my fancy dresses from [a charity shop called] the Nearly New Shop. I never spend more than $50 and usually they are corporate donations so they've never been worn. But I get lots of my clothes from thrift stores. I'm pretty cheap, so I don't spend a lot on myself to begin with. But I've gotten some of my favorite clothes that way.

By Alison Storm

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