Saving Big with Rebates

Posted on 09/22/2009

Rebates can be a great way to save money. But they can also be, how shall we say, a bit of a hassle. Here are a few tips for being a rebate success story and saving big money on just about all types of products.

Check out Rite Aid - Rebates don’t get much easier than the Rite Aid Fall Gift of Savings Program. No need to clip, peel or save UPC codes. No special products to buy in order to qualify. Heck, you don’t even have to fill out or send in any forms. All you have to do is shop at Rite Aid between now and October 17. Save your receipts because when you spend over $100 you’ll get $20 back, spend between $51-$100 to receive $10 back and when you spend between $25-$50 you’ll get $5 back. When you’ve shopped your little heart out, enter the codes from your receipts online and your gift certificate will be mailed right away.

Create a Rebate Space - Receipts, UPC codes and rebate forms can get lost so easily. Designate a spot in your house—perhaps an office drawer or a clearly marked envelope on the fridge—and keep all important rebate information here. That way you won’t miss out on money-saving opportunities because of clutter or missing items.

Save the Date - It may seem silly, but next to the orthodontist appointments and yoga schedule, write rebate dates in your planner. That way a deadline won’t pass you by without sending your information in to collect your rebate. This is especially important if the rebate requires more than one purchase.

Deal With it Promptly - If a rebate only requires a single purchase, take care of it as soon as possible. Sometimes it seems like stores use rebates to lure you into a purchase because they know that many customers won’t follow through with the rebate. The more time you let go by the more likely you are to forget and let the deal’s deadline pass. As soon as you’re home from the store take care of the paperwork so that your rebate is a sure thing.

Always Have Stamps - Just like toilet paper and maple syrup, stamps seem to be one of those household staples that run out at the worst times. Make sure you keep a stash on hand at all times so that when a rebate comes along you’re ready to take full advantage (or access that handy Rite Aid Fall Gift of Savings Program online!).

By Alison Storm

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