Money Saving Lunch Ideas for Kids Heading Back to School

Posted on 09/15/2009

Lunchtime can be a great meal for saving money while giving your children a healthy brain boost. As your kids hit the books and return to class, make sure they pack more than freshly sharpened pencils and crisp notebooks in their book bags. Give them a healthy and budget-friendly midday meal with these money-saving lunch ideas for kids heading back to school! And if they've already lost their lunchbox, find a deal on a new one at the UltimateCoupons' Back to School Sales page!

Beef Up Dinner - Chances are you’re already in the kitchen most nights, creating delicious dinners. Beef up the night-time meal so you have extra to stash in your child’s lunch. Not only will this save you money, but it will save you time, which is one of your most valuable resources.

Plan Ahead - Save money by making sure your kids always have a packed lunch ready to go. That way you won’t crumble under the pressure of the morning rush by giving them money to buy school lunch. Set aside a few minutes after dinner each night to pack the lunch. It won’t take much time, but planning lunch the night before will save you stress in the morning.

Go Homemade - Granola bars, pudding cups, and individually packaged snacks can be far more expensive than simply making snacks at home. Rather than choosing the easy way out at the grocery store, save money by making your own. Giving up a little convenience will go a long way towards saving money. Whip up a batch of pudding and divvy it up in reusable cups yourself. Make a big bag of trail mix and use baggies to put it into lunchtime portions. Simply buying food in bulk portions and separating it yourself is a much cheaper way to go.

Try Soup - One day a week, swap the sandwich for some hot soup. It’s a low-cost main course alternative that will keep your kids full, warm and nourished.

Work on Presentation - When it comes to kids and food—looks matter. Make sure your child’s lunch is well-presented and there will be a better chance they’ll actually eat it rather than trash it or trade it. Wasted food is just a waste of money, so make sure your kids are actually eating that low-cost lunch you’re working so hard to create.

By Alison Storm

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