Eat Healthy: Save on Organic Food

Posted on 09/16/2009

With fast food restaurants devoting huge sections of their menus to items that cost a buck or less, it’s easy to believe the lie that eating healthy has to cost a lot. Sure, eating healthy may not be quite as easy as the alternative, but it doesn’t have to cost much more. Here are some ways to save on organic food and healthy meals.

Hit the Farmers’ Market - Chances are your community has a farmers’ market. There are lots of deals here on fresh fruit, vegetables and more. Plus it’s often organically grown. It will likely be cheaper because the farmers selling it have less overhead like transportation costs. Don’t be afraid to bargain with them—especially if you’re buying in bulk.

Get Coupons - Yes, coupons for organic items do exist. Sign up for Whole Foods' “The Whole Deal” e-newsletter. It’s often packed with coupons and money-saving tips. Mambo Sprouts is another great source for organic coupons for items ranging from cleaning products to soft-baked cookies.

Grow Some of Your Own - Vegetable patches don’t require much space. Section off an unused spot in your backyard and grow your own organic bounty. You’ll know it’s safe—and free—to eat.

Stick with the Season - Fruits and veggies that are in season are always cheaper. This goes for organic, too. Pick recipes that include ingredients that are being harvested now and you’ll spend far less.

Visit Brand Websites - Sometimes you can find exclusive coupons on the websites of your favorite organic brands. Visit those sites before heading to the grocery store. Some to check out are Stonyfield Farm, Organic Valley, and Kashi.

Communicate with Others - There are plenty of people out there interested in eating organic and doing it cheaply. Check out the forums at to see where the best coupons and bargains are on organic items.

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