How to Sell Stuff on Consignment

Posted on 08/12/2009

You’ve tried eBay. You’ve unloaded stuff on Craigslist. But have you tried selling on consignment? There are lots of benefits that go along with selling items at your local consignment store. You’ll capture a different crowd that may not like buying items online, you’re supporting your local economy and there’s little risk involved. Plus you don’t have to worry about shipping your item to a far-away buyer. Now that you know the positives of selling on consignment, here’s how you do it.

Do A Little Research - There are likely several consignment shops in and around your community. Each one probably specializes in something different whether it’s designer clothing, children’s items or furniture. Ask them if they’re accepting items, what percentage their cut is and how long they’ll keep your item. It’s best to get terms in writing so you’re not surprised by any hidden fees. Also, if you’re dropping off something of significant value, you may only want to deal with stores that have insurance against theft or damage.

Visit the Store - When deciding which stores to work with, visit them ahead of time. Make sure it’s in a good location and that you enjoy shopping there. If you don’t like it, other people might not either.

Prepare Your Items - While it is mainly up to the consignment store owner and employees to sell your items, you can certainly help. If you’re dropping off jewelry, make sure it’s sparkling clean. If you’re trying to unload clothing, fix missing buttons or get rid of wrinkles. The better your item looks, the more likely it is to get snatched up.

Get More Merchandise - Running out of things to sell? Then buy some! It may sound a little backwards, but if you can pick up great baby items, name brand clothing or furniture at yard sales for less than $1, you can try to then sell it on consignment for much more than you paid. The out of pocket expense is low, so there isn’t much risk.

By Alison Storm

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Posted on 09.22.12 at 8:19 AM

times are difficult right now and yes there is a closet full of items that are not being used used any more,all in great shape-so how do I find out if it's worth taking to a shop,even though if the buttons are all there,no rips,or tears no spots,always washed by hand in woolite...they are perfect condition.

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