Guest Blog Post: Strategies for Surviving While You Pay Off Your Debt by April of Coal Creek Farm

Posted on 08/19/2009

Let's all give a warm welcome to our latest guest blogger, the fantastic April of Coal Creek Farm! This mother of four writes about parenthood, farm living, and how she and her husband Clay have worked to get out of debt (while still having a normal, fun life) using the advice found in the The Dave Ramsey Plan.

Paying off debt can be hard and exhausting. After the initial plunge into a lifestyle that requires strict budgeting and learning to say no to every single thing you think you need, like bar stools and pot racks, a sense of complacency can settle in and you might find yourself wanting to jump ship with your credit card as a life boat. Don't do it my friends! Take my advice and try some of these strategies to keep you focused and energized to get those debts off your back.

1. Some of the best advice and encouragement has come from comments on my blog and talking to friends that are doing the same thing. It's very helpful to have frugal friends, because they will never ask you to go out to eat or meet for coffee or have any kind of fun whatsoevah. Your frugal friends will meet you at the park and bring a cooler full of homemade snacks wrapped in previously used aluminum foil and save the small bits of crumbs to make a casserole.

2. Search for blogs and articles about people paying off their debt to glean from their experiences. I started using using coupons seriously for the first time in my life after reading many posts on how people were cutting their grocery budget. I also know which cashiers to avoid when using a large stack of coupons. (Trust me, there is no limit to how many coupons you can use at that one huge chain store that I hate to love even though the cashier insisted there is.)

3. Give your family a weekly or monthly challenge. You're not going out to eat for a month. You're not buying any new clothes until your birthday. You're making something for everyone for Christmas - a mason jar full of edible something is a lovely gift. It says, you're not crazy, you're creative! The best part? You're not going into debt anymore.

By April Phillips

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