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Posted on 08/11/2009

If you’ve yet to step foot in a college bookstore you’re about to experience major sticker shock. You’ll start to wonder if the reason those thick books are so heavy is because they’re made out of gold. No, they’re not. But they are probably the most expensive reading materials you’ll ever buy. We’ve got tips on how to get your textbooks for less—lessons you won’t learn in some expensive book! (Oh, and since you need a heck of a lot more than books in college, save on all the rest of your back-to-college supplies by checking out the deals at the Ben's Bargains Back to School page!)

Rent Them - Chances are you really only need that book for a few months. So why not rent it? That’s exactly what you can do at Since 2004 says students at over 6,000 campuses have saved over $42 million by using the site. That sounds pretty smart to us. Plus for every book you rent, sell or buy on the site, Chegg will plant a tree.

Comparison Shop - You don’t need book smarts to know that getting the best deal often requires a little comparison shopping. will help you do that. The site compares all of the textbook stores at once to find you the best deals. Just put in the ISBN number of the book you’re looking for and will tell you where you can pay the least for it. They claim they save shoppers an average of $173 on multi-item orders. That’s like getting free pizza for a month!

Buy Used Textbooks - Who cares if someone else has read it before—used textbooks are way cheaper than new ones. Try sites like,, or to find used versions of the books you need.

Put up With Advertising - If you don’t mind a few advertisements in the middle of your accounting chapters check out They’ve teamed up with publishers to put advertising inside textbooks in order to reduce the cost of the books for students. Some titles are even free.

Go Electronic - Save on chiropractor bills and stop lugging around those big, heavy textbooks. Try eBooks instead. According to, they’ve got the biggest selection of eBooks. They’re half the price of new books, environmentally friendly and can be downloaded instantly. Another site with a big selection is They’ve got digital eText titles ranging from architecture to world politics.

Sell Your Books Back - Make sure you’re kind to your textbooks, because chances are you can sell them back once the semester is over. You’ll get more money if the book is in good shape. Check out sites like or that offer free shipping. They even let you print your pre-paid shipping label as soon as you finalize your order.

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