A Strategy for Saving on School Supplies

Posted on 08/04/2009

For those with children heading back to school, that directory of required supplies can feel like fulfilling a Christmas wish list, only not as fun. But if you go into the stores with a strategy for saving on school supplies you can get it done at a fraction of the price. Add in some extra savings before you go by checking the latest deals at the Ultimate Coupons Back To School Sale page. Here’s what we mean.

Know the Rules - Each store has their own set of rules when it comes to price matching, coupons and sales adjustments. Knowing their policies can help you develop a strategy for saving on school supplies.

Start Early - Don’t wait until the day before school starts to begin shopping. You’ll pay far less for your supply list when you start several weeks or even a month before your child heads back to school.

Take Advantage of Price Matching - Not sure what price matching even is, let alone why you should take advantage of it? Well price matching is when a store will match the price of a product their competitor has advertised. This is great to include in your strategy for saving on school supplies because you can cut down on the number of places you have to visit in order to get the best deals! For instance, Walmart, Target, Office Depot and Staples all price match. If you find great deals on school supplies such as items for a penny or a quarter, take the ads to one of these stores to get all of the great deals at once.

Shop During Tax-Free Holidays - You may have seen our post here on The Bargainist detailing the sales tax holidays held in 21 different states. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of these states, take advantage of it and pick up your school supplies then.

Use What You Have - Don’t forget that some of the things on Junior’s school supply list may already be in your possession. While it’s nice to send them back to school with fresh supplies, some items may not need to be purchased. Take stock of what you have by looking in desks, drawers and closets.

By Alison Storm

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