Steps for Keeping Your Grocery Coupons Organized

Posted on 07/24/2009

You’ve pored over the Sunday paper. You’ve clipped coupons until your fingers were numb. You’ve scoured the Internet for savings. Don’t let that work go to waste with poor organization skills. Keep your grocery coupons organized with these five simple steps.

Get a Coupon Folder - There’s no way you’ll maximize your coupon use if they’re floating around your purse, junk drawer and office. Keep your coupons collected and filed in a coupon folder. There are lots of options including artsy homemade ones, nifty ones that attach to shopping cart handles, or huge ones that look more like briefcases. You can even pick up a plastic organizer from Target for $1 or use old envelopes if you’re looking for something basic and cheap. Just make sure your coupon organizer either fits in your purse or you’re comfortable carting it around.

Choose a System - Your actual organization system should be whatever you’re comfortable with. Some people file coupons based on food categories like snacks, meat and bread. Others sort their coupons based on the date they were distributed. It doesn’t matter which system you use as long as it make sense to you.

File Regularly - The best way to keep your coupon collection under control is to put it into your routine. Select one day a week for clipping and filing coupons. As soon as it becomes a regular occurrence you’ll stay on top of keeping new coupons filed away in your organization system. Don’t let coupons pile up because there’s a bigger chance you’ll head to the store without them.

Purge Weekly - Coupons always expire. And expired coupons aren’t worth anything. Keep them from taking up valuable space in your coupon organizer by purging expired coupons weekly. Simply flip through your stash, pulling out the ones that are no longer useable. This will help you from getting bogged down with unnecessary coupons.

Carry Them Always - Now that you’ve gone to the trouble of not only clipping coupons, but organizing them—make sure they are always with you. You never know when you may need to run into the grocery store or make a stop at the pharmacy. Be prepared by having your neatly organized collection of coupons with you at all times.

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