Saving Big with Sales Tax Holidays

Posted on 07/30/2009

Many states’ sales tax holidays are held just in time for back-to-school shopping. It’s a great time to pick up items including clothes, computers and school supplies without having to pay Uncle Sam his chunk. To get you started with some coupons to save on top of that no-tax bonanza, check out the Ultimate Coupons Back To School Sale page. Here are the details on sales tax holidays for the 16 states lucky enough to have them.

Alabama -For three days, August 7-9 to be exact, Alabama residents can keep the sales tax in their wallets. Your tax-free purchases can total up to $100 on clothes, $750 for computers, $50 for school supplies and $30 for books.

Connecticut - For folks in Connecticut, your time to get shopping is August 16-22. You won’t pay any sales tax on purchases of clothing and footwear up to $300.

Georgia - From July 30-August 2 this year Georgians can cut out tax from their purchases of $100 worth of clothing, $20 worth of school supplies and $1500 for a computer. They’ve got another sales tax holiday from October 1-4 that will save you money on energy and water efficient products up to $1500.

Iowa - The fun in Iowa starts August 7 and goes until August 8. For two days shoppers won’t pay sales tax on clothing purchases that are less than $100.

Louisiana - Louisiana residents can save on pretty much everything except cars and meals. You’ll also have to pay tax on taxable services, but other than that the options are open. Just make sure your purchases aren’t over $2500.

Mississippi - You’ve only got two days to avoid sales tax in Mississippi—July 31 and August 1. You’ll get a free ride on clothing and footwear purchases up to $100.

Missouri -From August 7-9, back-to-school shopping in Missouri will be a little more affordable. You won’t pay tax on purchases under $100 for clothing, $3500 for computers or $50 for school supplies. And if you need some energy star products, pick those up in April to avoid paying sales tax.

New Mexico - The dates to remember in New Mexico are August 7-9. You won’t pay sales tax on back-to-school essentials like clothing, computers and school supplies. Just make sure you stay under $100 for clothing, $1000 for computers and $50 for school supplies.

North Carolina - Save on even more items in North Carolina from August 7-9. Clothing and school supply purchases under $100 won’t be taxed. Instructional materials can be picked up without tax as long as they ring up under $300. Computers are also tax-free if they’re less than $3500 and sports equipment that’s less than $50 won’t be taxable. Save on energy star products November 6-8.

Oklahoma - Head to the shops August 7-9 in Oklahoma to buy your back-to-school clothing tax-free. Just keep the total under $100.

South Carolina - The tax free holiday in South Carolina runs August 7-9. There aren’t any spending limits and the rule applies to clothing, school supplies, and computers. Things like jewelry, cosmetics and furniture will be taxed.

Tennessee - The first weekend in August is a popular one for the tax free holiday. Tennesseans are no exception. They won’t pay sales tax August 7-9 on clothing and school supply purchases under $100 or computers under $1500.

Texas - For the tenth year in a row Texans won’t pay sales tax August 21-23 on clothing, backpacks and school supplies under $100.

Vermont - For one day only Vermont enjoys a sales tax holiday. This year it’s August 22 and it’s on any personal purchase under $2000.

Virginia - Virginia residents won’t pay sales tax between August 7-9 on clothing purchases under $100 and school supplies under $20. They also get a sales tax holiday on hurricane preparedness supplies at the end of May and energy star products October 9-12.

West Virginia - It won’t help you much with back-to-school purchases, but West Virginia residents don’t pay sales tax on energy star products under $5000 from September 1 through November 30.

By Alison Storm

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