Let Your Craftiness Pay Off: Where to Sell Handmade Items

Posted on 07/08/2009

Wondering how you can turn a pet project into a cash cow? Your hobby may have hidden earning potential. In order to find out, try selling your crafts to the public. Here are some suggestions for where to sell your handmade items.

Etsy - Etsy is one of, if not the biggest online marketplace for homemade goods. Founded in 2005, Etsy now features hundreds of thousands of sellers from more than 150 countries. You’ll pay $.20 to list an item for four months. When the item sells you must pay a 3.5% fee on the final sale price.

Supermarket - If you consider yourself a designer, Supermarket may be the perfect place for you to sell your goods. The site doesn’t accept everyone though. To get approved to sell here email them images, links and info. Supermarket charges a commission based on 30 days worth of sales.

ArtFire - The great thing about ArtFire is that there are no listing fees, no final fees, and no hidden fees for a basic account. Plus you can shop here without creating an account. If you want more features, you can upgrade to a verified account for a flat fee of $12 a month.

Lov.li - Listing items on Lov.li is free, but once you sell you’ll pay a 3.5% commission fee. The cool thing about Lov.li is that you won’t pay any commission fees until you’ve accrued $15 worth. So if your online selling business doesn’t go quite as well as you hoped, you won’t have to fork over any cash.

SilkFair - SilkFair is fairly new on the scene of selling handmade crafts. They launched in February of 2008 with a similar model to other online handmade marketplaces with one major difference: you can sell collectibles here, too. Think of it as Etsy with a little eBay thrown into the mix. Like other shops, listing here is free, but you’ll pay a 3% commission on items sold.

MadeItMyself - The focus on this site is definitely homemade crafts and art. Currently MadeItMyself is waiving all fees until further notice which means you can list items for free. You will pay a 3% flat commission rate when items sell.

iCraft - Canada-based iCraft is open to crafters worldwide looking for a place to sell their creations. Selling here requires a one-time $25 fee (in Canadian dollars). After that you can list five items for free. Listing more items requires a small monthly fee.

By Alison Storm

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