Eco-Baby: Green Products that will Keep Kid Costs Down

Posted on 07/20/2009

Babies are a mystery. How can something so little cost so much? Tiny humans have an incredible ability to generate a lot of waste—and I’m not just talking about what shows up in their diapers. Make your baby earth-friendly and budget-friendly with these green products that will keep kid costs down.

Diapers - Diapers can cost parents thousands of dollars a year while increasing your family’s landfill contribution significantly. Check out cloth diapers like the Bum Genius. They grow with your baby, come in different styles and colors, and they’re made from super-soft bamboo. The initial investment isn’t cheap. Each diaper runs about $15, but the company says they’ll last so long you can even pass them on to future children.

Baby Wipes - Reusable baby wipes are good for your pocketbook and the environment. Bottoms Up Baby Wipes offers a kit for $59.95 that includes everything you need to get started, plus 25 cotton terry baby wipes to keep you going. They are available for preorder now and with coupon code PREORDER you’ll save 20% off your purchase.

Baby Food - Baby food can be a big part of your grocery budget. Making it at home not only saves money, but it also reduces packaging waste. According to products offered by, you can make baby food at home in just 30 minutes a week. Their baby food kit has everything you need to start making baby food at home.

Changing Table Cover - Public changing tables seem like a haven for germs. Protect your baby while out and about with The Clean and Green Disposable Changing Table covers. Just because they’re disposable doesn’t mean they’re not earth-friendly. They are made from a degradable, waterproof material and they cost just $4.95 for eight at

Clothing and Toys - Babies grow fast—often before they wear out clothing or toys. Rather than throw these items away or buy new, why not try to trade or sell them? One website helping parents to buy, sell, swap or give away gently used baby goods is They’ve got websites for dozens of different cities so you can swap with people living near you. Another site to check out is Rather than buying your child new toys each month, you can rent them. Once your child is no longer interested in a toy, you simply send it back. Monthly plans start at $26.99 and could be a great option for parents who don’t want to buy new toys that may only keep your child’s interest for a few weeks.

By Alison Storm

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