Do Up Your Dorm Room for Less

Posted on 07/28/2009

There are few places less inspiring than an empty college dorm room. There’s the institution-like furniture, the cement block walls and the complete void of any color. Not to mention it’s only slightly bigger than a department store fitting room. With a little creativity and a few bucks it’s a space that can be transformed into an inspiring oasis for budding scholars. Here’s your syllabus for doing up your dorm room for less.

Furniture - Hopefully your dorm room has enough space for a small sofa or futon. Futons are great because they give guests a place to crash, and at college there are often guests. Wal-Mart has basic futons starting at just $149. To add a pop of color as well as another place to sit, pick up one of these sphere chairs from Target for just $39.99.

Bedding - If you want your dorm room to remind you of home, bring the sheets off your bed. Add some style and color by picking up some new throw pillows. If you want to start fresh, Kohl's has great bedding sets that are currently 40% off, plus you’ll get free shipping if your order is over $75.

Accessories - An affordable way to liven up your dorm room is by adding a few potted plants. Stick with succulents if you’re looking for something that doesn’t mind when you forget about it over Christmas break. Glam up your dorm room window (and keep that pesky sun from interrupting Saturday mornings) with some inexpensive window coverings from Ikea. A pair of curtains will cost you as little as $4.99. While you’re there, grab some picture frames to fill with family snapshots. It will personalize your space and help it feel more like home.

Storage - Let’s face it. Dorm rooms are far from being spacious. That’s why storage solutions are so important. The Container Store has it covered. Be sure to pick up some under-bed storage containers. It’s a perfect spot to keep extra shoes and clothes. Over-door hooks are also a nice way to make sure that no space is wasted. Also, don’t forget the all-important shower tote. It will keep your bathroom necessities neatly organized.

Entertainment - Make your dorm room the hot spot of the hallway with some great entertainment. Pick up a 26-inch HD LCD from Toshiba on sale for just $349.99 at Circuit City. It’s a great size for a dorm room. If you need a new laptop, check out the Gateway Core 2 Duo 4GB, on sale for just $499.97 with free shipping.

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Food - No dorm room would be complete without a mini-fridge. It’s the perfect place to stash Dr. Pepper, chocolate and leftover pizza. Target has a basic white one on sale for just $59. Or go for a stainless steel model for $99.99.

By Alison Storm

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