How to Be a Shopaholic on a Budget + Confessions of a Shopaholic DVD giveaway!

Posted on 06/22/2009

In Confessions of a Shopaholic, lead character Rebecca Bloomwood is painfully addicted to high fashion. Isla Fisher, the actress that played her in the movie, admits she’s not into designer labels, but she does make her fair share of shopping mistakes. Bestselling author of Confessions of a Shopaholic Sophie Kinsella says she’s also made some poor purchasing decisions over the years. Taking cues from Fisher’s faux-pas and Sophie’s snafus, here are four ways to be a shopaholic on a budget.

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Know What Tempts You
When asked about her shopping temptations Isla Fisher admitted books are her weakness. “… and more recently cook books,” said Fisher. “I think it’s wish fulfillment. I never have time to cook, so I just look through the books and imagine the dishes I would make if I wasn't going out for a business dinner.” If you know what tempts you, you’re able to avoid it. Whether you hold a soft spot for scarves or silverware, identifying the things that tempt you most will help you stick to a budget despite being a shopaholic.

Think Before You Buy
Isla Fisher says it’s at local hardware stores where she ends up making the most ridiculous purchases. “I very rarely go to hardware store but once I am there I see all sorts of things that I never knew existed and then I convince myself that I need them,” admits the actress. “Whether it is a drill, or a pot of very cool, neon pink paint, which I am never going to put anywhere! Then I buy all the brushes. Or I might see a little shovel and think that I might get into gardening. There is something about a hardware store because it seems so different.” If something immediately has you thinking, I’ve got to have this, walk away for a little bit. Let the idea of the purchase sit with you and see if you still want it that bad in a few hours or even a few days. That way you’ll be less likely to suffer from buyer’s remorse after blowing your budget on a bad purchase.

Set a Limit
Sophie Kinsella’s made the same mistake most women have made at some point in their lives. She thought a pricey pair of shoes could help her be someone she wasn’t. “There was a pair of shoes that were not cheap,” remembers the author. “They were on sale but still certainly cost over 100 Pounds. That is the first point of shame. The next point of shame was – I don’t know what I was thinking, I must have been hormonal or something – because they were the most ludicrous shoes. They had diamante hearts; great big black wedge platform heels with a hole cut through them and silver straps that tie up your legs. I think I bought them thinking that I might wear them if I go clubbing. I don’t know what I thought, I was utterly deluded and the minute I got them home I thought … I am never wearing these shoes. They have never been worn. They are my shoes of shame.” Setting a limit before you hit the mall will help you from coming home with an expensive pair of shoes you will never wear—even for a night of wild dancing.

Be at Least a Little Practical
It’s ok to spend money on things you need. But for Confessions of a Shopaholic author Sophie Kinsella, it’s often things she doesn’t need that she ends up buying. “I think its complete wish fulfilment,” she says. “I go out, I buy skimpy summer dresses and I never get to wear them because of the weather. And I go on holiday and have to wear three dresses every day just to get through them.” Don’t buy Uggs if you live in Key West and keep your tank top collection to a minimum if you call Northern Minnesota home. Just think, you’ll have more money to spend on things you actually will wear.

By Alison Storm

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