Easy Summer Income for Kids

Posted on 06/03/2009

Three months of study-free sun bathing, sleep overs and staying up late may be your child’s ideal summer vacation. But it can also be a good time to throw in some real life learning about earning income, building wealth and being responsible. Here are some ideas for easy summer income for kids.

Adventures in Baby-Sitting
Have your youngster hand out flyers to neighborhood families advertising their baby-sitting services. Help them sign up for a CPR or childcare class at the local Red Cross or at a hospital so that they have more experience to market. Beyond offering parents time off for date night, suggest your young ones offer afternoon play time that gives busy moms a chance to rest or complete errands.

Reaping the Harvest
Have a backyard garden? Let your little ones sell the extra produce at a community sale or by setting up a table in front of the house.

Waiting Tables
Even if your child isn’t quite old enough to get a job at McDonald’s or Applebee’s, they can offer to work at friends’ parties. Know someone having a summer bash? Youngsters can be dish washers or servers for the big event.

Selling Concessions to Hungry Shoppers
Having a yard sale this summer? Kids can set up their own booth to make money. Rather than selling off their belongings, help them sell concessions like coffee, muffins or hot dogs to your yard sale shoppers.

Tackling Unpopular Chores
Adults are often extremely happy at the idea of paying someone else to do chores they dislike. Examples: window washing, cleaning up Fido’s yard bombs, or pulling weeds. But for a child eager to earn some spending money, these chores may not seem so bad.

Watching the House
Families love to travel during the summer. Help your child market themselves as a caretaker. They can water plants, feed pets, collect mail, and make sure newspapers don’t pile up, all for one affordable price.

Caring for Pets
Most kids love animals, which is why caring for neighborhood pets can be a great source of income for them. Not only will the dog get some exercise with regular summer walks, but your child will learn the value of hard work.

By Alison Storm

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