Earn Extra Money with a Part-Time Job

Posted on 05/06/2009

Between wage cuts, forced furloughs and reduced hours your paycheck may be looking a little thin these days. Fatten it up with a part-time job. We’re not talking about managing the fryer at a local fast food joint either. Read on for some fun ways to supplement your salary.

With summer quickly approaching, many camps, summer programs and recreation centers are looking for adults to teach classes. It may mean tutoring youngsters with their math or inspiring teens with some art classes. Or, if you want to keep your schedule very flexible, advertise your tutoring availability on Craigslist to try to pick up a client or two.

If you already work a nine to five, retail can be a great way to go. You’ll be able to pick up evening and weekend hours easily. Check out snagajob.com to search for open part-time positions in your area. They’ve got listings from retailers like Toys R Us, Kohl’s and CarMax, plus restaurants, airlines, hair salons and more.

Flowers, pizza, and newspapers all need someone to deliver them. As long as you have a car and can get around, these are great options for part-time work. Plus you’ll probably earn some tips.

We’re not talking about working the runway here. But how about working as an art school model? Call up local art institutions and ask to speak with a model coordinator. Whether you decide to pose in the buff or not is your choice.

Count People
The US Census is taking place next year. Try picking up part-time employment in your regional Census Bureau.

Temporary Work
Register with a local temp agency to find a part-time position. They’ve got big databases of available employment and you’ll only have to stick with it as long as you want.

Advertise your cleaning services locally. Get paid to do someone’s laundry, dust or vacuum. It’s not complicated and if you pick up a couple of customers, you’ll have plenty of extra cash in your pocket to clean up some bills.

Start your weekends early by hitting local garage sales. Pick up furniture, collectibles and housewares that seem like good investments and sell them for more on Ebay.

Take Surveys
Sign up for free survey groups like SurveyClub.com or SurveyHead.com and start making money while surfing the web. Just beware of scammers and don’t fork over any money in order to get started.

By Alison Storm

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