Don't Be Embarrassed: Using Coupons with Pride

Posted on 05/11/2009

In case you haven’t heard, coupon clipping is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite hobbies. But not everyone feels comfortable handing a cashier a thick stack of snippets from the Sunday paper. If you’re imagining dirty looks from those in line behind you or the voice in your head is telling you you’re cheap, get over it. Follow these simple steps for using coupons with pride.

Remember, Coupons Exist for a Reason
Companies wouldn’t print so many coupons if people weren’t using them. Remember that there are likely millions of people out there just like you– looking for a way to save a little money by using coupons.

There are People Way More Into Couponing Than You
Chances are, there are people plenty more passionate about coupon clipping than you are. Even if you think you’re taking couponing to the extreme, check out people like this stay-at-home mom of two who’s committed to spending only $1200 on food for the entire year. You’ll realize you’re not alone and maybe get inspired along the way.

Be Discreet About It
Don’t feel the need to announce to everyone that you’re using a coupon– especially at restaurants. Simply slip your coupon in with the bill and your cash. The waiter will take care of the rest.

Stay Organized
Generally, people probably don’t care if you’re using coupons at the grocery store, as long as you’re not annoying about it. For instance, don’t hold up the line digging around your diaper bag for a coupon that will save you 25 cents on fish sticks. Have your coupons neatly organized and ready to go. Arguing with the teenaged cashier over whether a coupon for free pudding is valid or not is also probably not the way to go. Simply pay for the item and take the issue up at customer service with someone that holds higher ranking.

Keep the Goal In Mind
Still wondering if it’s worth the hassle and alleged embarrassment just to save a dollar on deodorant or a buck on baked beans? Think of this way– which would you rather spend money on: boring stuff or fun stuff? Saving money on the essentials will leave you with more funds for road trips, manicures or at least for paying all of those pesky bills.

By Alison Storm

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