Maximizing Your Twittering

Posted on 04/27/2009

We’re all aTwitter at the Bargainist! Microblogging is the next big thing online (Maybe the next NEXT big thing will be directly beamed thoughts from person to person?) and it’s a great way to share everything with your friends, from coupons to what you ate for lunch last Tuesday. Read on for some tips – or should we say, twips! – on maximizing your Tweeting experience!

Follow the Bargainist - Don’t forget, our Twitter Giveaway week! From 04/27/2009 to 05/01/2009, we’ll be giving away one prize per day to one of our Twitter followers @Bargainist). We’ll post the prize o’ the day and you’ll be automatically entered if you’re one of our followers. Prizes will include a digital camera, GPS, pearl necklace, Mp3 player, and a gift card for Dell Home. The winner will be sent a DM via Twitter at 4:00pm PST; they’ll have 3 hours to claim their prize, otherwise it will be given to someone else. Winners’ Twitter names will be used in subsequent Bargainist and Twitter posts. Have fun, and Tweet carefully!

Re-Tweets - Essentially, this is like an email forward. If you see a Tweet you like from the Bargainist - say, a coupon for $10 off at your favorite shoe store, you can Re-Tweet it to all your friends and have it appear live on your Twitter stream. It’s also great for spreading news among friends & family. Ah, the internet – small town gossip on a molecular, lightning fast level….

TwitPic - Got a camera phone? Who doesn’t? I used TwitPic last weekend when I was at the mall trying to decide if a dress made me look like a Bond girl, or just someone who needs to put down the sequins and back away with her hands up, real calm like. I took a quick snapshot of the frock in question and uploaded it to my Twitter account via TweetPic. Within about ten minutes, I had a volley of responses from my friends ranging from “Yes! Hot! Sexy! Makes you look 10 pounds lighter LOL!” to “Um. Sorry… Maybe chartreuse green isn’t your color?” (I bought the dress, but in blue instead. My husband is happy. )

When YOU are the Bargainist - You remember the old adage: friends don’t let friends do drugs spend money unnecessarily. Find an awesome sale on chips & salsa for the local grocery store? Tweet it. Did some online digging and snagged a killer coupon for 40 percent off sitewide at your favorite clothing retailer? Tweet it – and for heaven’s sake, let us know too, so we can post it here!

By Janet Cowan

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