How to Sell Your Car Fast

Posted on 04/01/2009

Got some wheels to unload? Whether you’re trying to sell your car to save money or to make some so you can buy a new one, it can be a tough task. Here are five ways to sell your car fast.

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Make Sure Everyone Knows It’s For Sale
Tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace—even email pals you haven’t talked to in a while. Tell them your car is for sale, a few of the features, and the price you’re hoping to fetch. You may even want to give them an incentive for helping you sell it. A cash reward will help them get a lot more motivated about being your sales team.

Choose Your Parking Spot Well
Going to the mall? Heading downtown for dinner? Choose your parking spot wisely. Make sure your car is well displayed with a for sale sign easily visible. You never know when a potential buyer could be walking by.

Use Free Ads
There are lots of free sites for you to list your used car. A few to try are,,, and Also try your local television station websites. Many of them have free classified listings.

Keep It Immaculate
Since you never know when a potential buyer will be lurking, keep your car perfectly clean at all times. Stash some cleaning wipes under your seat so you can give it a quick rub down when needed. A clean car is much easier to sell.

Price Competitively
Do your research. Find out what your car may sell for using Kelley Bluebook's private seller estimate. And if you really want to unload it—knock about 10-20% off that price. Don’t waste precious time by over-pricing your car. If you’re beating the asking price of similar vehicles, you’ll sell it much faster.

By Alison Storm

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