Ten Completely Insane Ways to Save Money

Posted on 03/18/2009

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to save money? If your answer is trying to use an expired coupon at the grocery store then you’re in for a shock. Want to take bargain hunting to the extreme or become more fanatical about being frugal? Then here are ten completely insane ways to save money. And we mean insane.

Ask For Extra
Next time you’re going through a drive-thru (perhaps to get your free Arby's Roast Burger) ask for extra napkins. And ketchup. And mayo. And mustard. Well, you get the idea. They normally give you about 13 napkins per order so if you ask for extra you’ll never have to buy paper towels, napkins, toilet paper or tissues again!

Cut Your Own Bangs
You remember elementary school and that poor kid with the crooked hair cut. Or maybe that kid was you. If you can handle the risk of slanted bangs, then save a few bucks and cut them yourself.

Become a Vegetarian
Think about it. The most expensive thing on your grocery list is likely meat. Take it out of your diet and you’ll save tons!

Flush Less
Each flush uses gallons of water and that water costs money. So why not flush a little less? Here’s a little poem to help you: if it’s number two, flush it through, but if it’s just pee, let it be!

Cut Open Bottles
Think you’ve used up all the lotion, toothpaste or face wash in that bottle? Think again. Grab a sharp knife and cut open the tube or bottle. You’ll be shocked at how much more you can dig out of the container.

Use Candles
Tap into your inner pioneer. They didn’t have electricity. Light bulbs are for wimps. Just use candles as your source of light.

Sell Your Car
Forget the car payment, gas money and insurance bills. Sell your car and you’ll be swimming in extra cash flow. Plus think of all the calories you’ll burn walking or riding your bike everywhere. You won’t need to pay for that gym membership either.

Become More European
You’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in Paris or Rome, so why not give it a try? You’ll have take quick, cold showers about three times a week and don’t bother buying razors– go au natural!

Just Add Water
This tip works whether you’re talking about fruit juice or shampoo. Just add water and it will go further!

By Alison Storm

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