Affordable Ways to Be More Romantic Than Bachelor Jason Mesnick

Posted on 03/04/2009

Still reeling from this season’s Bachelor? In case you missed the post-show or the post-post show, Bachelor Jason Mesnick proposed to Melissa only to dump her on national television during “After the Final Rose: Part 1.” A few minutes after smashing her little heart in front of millions, Jason was making out with Molly the runner-up on the same couch. (Can you sense I’m just a teeny disgusted?) In an attempt to release some of my own anger and bring some romance back to America, I’ve compiled a list of affordable ways you can be more romantic than Bachelor Jason Mesnick.

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Become a Masseuse
You don’t need special training to rub your partner down. Grab some body oil from your local Walgreens, set the mood with candles and help your honey relax. If you need guidance, just watch the last episode of the Bachelor and fast forward to Molly’s final date. Warning: scene not recommended for children!

Have a Barbeque
Hot dogs don’t cost much. Neither do chips and a 2-liter. Have a romantic backyard barbeque for two. Oh, and watch how your loved one tops their dog– if it’s mustard you’re in the clear. And according to Bachelorette Gillian, if they cover their hot dog in sauerkraut watch out.

Go Rock Climbing
Show your sporty side with some rock climbing. Don’t live near any big rocks? Just hit up your local sporting goods store and give the rock wall a try. Once you get to the top, hang out for a while and talk like Jason and Naomi did.

Get Cozy in a Tent
You don’t have to head to the great outdoors for a romantic rustic adventure. Just pitch the tent in your backyard and snuggle up for a long night of fun.

Be Crafty
Make something meaningful. Melissa made Jason a tooth fairy box for his son Ty. Come up with something thoughtful that your loved one needs and make it personal. Don’t worry– even if you don’t spend much just knowing you worked hard on the project will make it worth a lot.

Compile Momentos
This may have been what made Jason go back to Molly. In the final episode she presented him with a homemade scrapbook complete with keepsakes and momentos from their years, I mean months, I mean weeks of dating. Try telling the story of your own fairytale love by filling scrapbook pages with ticket stubs, greeting cards and special items from throughout your relationship.

Don’t Humiliate Them on National TV
Want to be really romantic? Don’t break up with them on national television.

By Alison Storm

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