20 Things You Should Never Pay Full Price For

Posted on 02/18/2009

A funny thing happens when you start to use coupons and look for bargains; you never want to pay full price for anything ever again. And the cool thing is– you don’t have to! Here is my list of 20 things you should never pay full price for.

This has to be first on the list. There are so many places to find grocery coupons (the Sunday paper, online, in the foyer of your grocery store) that there is no excuse not to have them. If you combine your coupons for what’s on sale you will regularly pay 50 percent less.

Bathroom Supplies
I still smile when I think of the day I snagged four tubes of toothpaste for $2.83. That was back in July and I still haven’t used it all up. The point of that little brag session was to inspire you to look for deals on bathroom supplies. Peruse the end caps at stores like Target for clearance items that you have coupons for.

Airline Tickets
It’s hard to know what full price is exactly when dealing with airline tickets, but there are definitely ways to snag discounts. One feature I love on Travelocity is “My Dates are Flexible.” By clicking this box– even if your dates aren’t flexible– you have access to some of the cheapest prices possible.

Contact Lenses
My husband is practically blind without contact lenses. He uses 1-800-Contacts.com to get discounts and searches online for coupon codes before making his purchase.

With Restaurant.com, it’s easy to get big discounts at your favorite food establishments. Twenty-five dollar gift certificates are just $10 normally, but there are often coupon codes that drop that price significantly. Right now use the code PREZ to get 70 percent off, bring a $25 certificate down to just $3.

Flawed Merchandise
No matter how small the flaw is– a missing button, a snag, a scratch– do not pay full price for merchandise that is damaged. Simply ask the cashier or employee if they can give you a discount because of the flaw and they’ll likely cut the price at least a little bit.

Cell Phones
Unless you have a business that requires a cell phone that can do your taxes, remember where you parked, and fold your laundry– take advantage of the free one your provider offers. Or at least make sure they’re giving you a big discount for being such a loyal customer.

Rather than buy the same magazine off the newsstand each month, try subscribing. But before you fill out one of the 20 little postcards that fell out of that magazine, head to MagsForLess.com. You’ll find popular magazine subscriptions at crazy prices.

Don’t drive around hunting for the cheapest gas. Instead visit GasBuddy.com. A quick search of my zip code revealed the price for a gallon of regular unleaded varied by $.27 depending on the station!

Major retailers put appliances on sale all the time. Many even price match. So if you do a little research and find the item cheaper somewhere else they’ll match that price– and perhaps even beat it.

There is no need to pay full price for your prescriptions. Ask your doctor for samples, switch to generics, or keep your eye out for incentives like this one from Rite Aid that gives you a $25 gift card for a transferred prescription.

Why pay big bucks to a breeder when you can have a new furry family member at a fraction of the price from a shelter? Plus you’ll be giving a great home to a deserving animal.

Movie Rentals
Before paying full price, check out your local library. Or sign up for a RedBox account and you’ll get a code for a free movie rental texted to your cell phone every Monday.

Shop discount stores for markdowns on books– even new releases. Or to save 100 percent, check out your local library.

Cable Service
You can always haggle with your cable company. Every six months or so, call them up and ask if they can help you reduce your bill. You may have to threaten to leave, but they’ll likely work with you to save you some money.

It’s not hard to save money on clothes. Just wait for the sales, or look in your local newspaper for coupons to clip.

Rather than spend big bucks at a pricey spa, try heading to a massage school for a little pampering. You’ll pay much less and still be relaxed in the end.

Many coffee shops have a daily special that is offered at a lower price. Other options are to keep an eye out for special deals at big chains. For instance, through the rest of February tea drinks at Starbucks are just $2 after 2pm. I also carry punch cards that give me a freebie after I’ve purchased a certain number of coffees.

Whether you’re buying it new or used, always look for a bargain when purchasing furniture. It’s especially easy to haggle when shopping at a secondhand store.

Why pay full price for one of the biggest purchases you will ever make? Research comparable homes, know the market, and look for a bargain. Then your home sweet home will be even sweeter.

By Alison Storm

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